What is Chari-Co Marketing?


Chari-Co stands for Charity Co-Operative.

It is a Marketplace that donates to charity, and rewards you for referring others through it’s unique referral program.

The Marketplace currently has 3 platforms

  1. eCommerce

  2. Charity

  3. Referral Marketing


Chari-Co is a General Store/Vendor Marketplace. You may purchase items from the main store or from other participating vendors. You may also sell your own items. 

There are 2 Vendor Plans:

1. Free Plan. (Post 3 Ads, 3 Categories per Ad, plus more.)

2. Pro Plan. (The Pro plan charges monthly, but only the initial payment will be charged to your PayPal account. Subsequent payments will come from your profits when they are received from the compensation plan. (This is for a Limited time only.)

Product Types you may sell:

  • Normal

  • Auctions

  • Rentals

  • Bookings

and more coming soon…



Each month Chari-Co donates to charity from products sold or purchased.


When you refer someone to our site who makes a purchase or sale, you earn a commission!

  1. Set up your Store & start selling!

  2. Invite others to join

  3. Earn from sales and purchases of those you refer

By referring others to our Marketplace, you build a referral group of vendors. If they buy or sell through our platform, you earn a commission. Remember, every product sold or purchased donates to charity as well. ♥ 


Hi, the primary focus of Chari-Co Marketing is to help it’s members become self reliant, whilst at the same time generate income for those in need.

Michael Tibble

Chari-Co Marketing

Together Everyone Achieve’s More!


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