Referral Program – How does it work?


When you refer someone to our site who makes a purchase or sale, you earn a commission!

  1. Set up your Store & start selling!

  2. Invite others to join

  3. Earn from sales and purchases of those you refer

By referring others to our Marketplace, you build a referral group of vendors. If they buy or sell through our platform, you earn a commission. Remember, every product sold or purchased donates to charity as well. ♥ 


Upon joining you receive a referral link. Use your referral link to refer others. It can be found at the top of your Referral Dashboard shown here:

To find your Referral Dashboard:

  1. Go to ‘My Account’ in the header menu. (you must be logged into your Chari-Co account.)

  2. From the drop down menu click on ‘Referral Dashboard”

  3. Your referral link appears at the top of your Referral Dashoard.

  Or, simply add your username at the end after the /ref/


If your username is (joe22) then your referral link would be –

Referral Group Functionality

Your Referral Group is made up of 7 levels. The max amount you may have in your first level is 5. If you refer more, then they will be placed further down in your referral group.

Level 1 = those you have personally referred.

Level 2 = those referred by those in your Level 1.

Level 3 = those referred by those in your Level 2.

…and so on down to level 7.



$4 for every Pro Vendor you personally refer up to a max of 5. 

$0.50 for every Pro Vendor referred by those you have referred down to 7 levels.

Each time Pro Vendors renew their Pro plan, this income will repeat. So if you duplicate the referral of 3 Pro Vendors, you subscription is FREE!

2% from Products Sales, or Chari-Co store purchases from all vendors in your referral group.


Below are category links to help you get started.



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How do I register?

How do I setup my Store?

How do I post a product or service?

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How does it work?

How do I refer others?

What is my Vendor Referral Link?

What is the Compensation Plan?


Hi, the primary focus of Chari-Co Marketing is to help it’s members become self reliant whilst at the same time, generate income for those in need.

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