Our Charity Program

Your support in joining us helps others in need.

Every product sold through the Marketplace donates to Charity.

From every Pro Vendor subscription $0.50 is given.

From every product sold or purchased 2% is given.

How It Works?

There are 12 Charity themes. 2% of the profits generated in any particular month is given to Charities that support each theme.


(If the month is January which theme is Children, then 2% of the profits generated in January will be given to Charities who support children.)

How Are Charities Selected?

At this time a Charity will be randomly selected . Regular donations will be given to Charity groups who officially partner up with Chari-Co.

Charity Themes:

  1. Children – January

  2. Youth & Adult – February

  3. Senior – March

  4. Family – April

  5. Homeless – May

  6. Disasters – June

  7. Health – July

  8. Services – August

  9. Marine Life – September

  10. Environment – October

  11. Animal – November

  12. Research & Development – December

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