Giveaway Rules

  1. Winner is the Vendor with the most entries!

  2. To join our Giveaway, click the Giveaway referral link sent to you from a Chari-Co Vendor, or if you have not received one click HERE.

  3. Prize is for $200 credited to your digital wallet. You may use it at the Marketplace or transfer it to your bank.

  4. You must also subscribe to one of our Vendor plans in order to be eligible to enter the Giveaway. Click the Vendor Referral Link sent to you by a Chari-Co Vendor, or if you have not received one you may subscribe HERE.

  5. Gain more entries by Liking and Following our Social pages and by referring others with your Vendor & Giveaway referral links.

  6. Upon joining as a Vendor you receive a Vendor referral link. Share it with your Giveaway referrals so when they join as a Vendor, they may be placed in your Vendor referral group.

  7. Details on how to gain more entries and manage your links are in your welcome email.

  8. Winners must Verify their account from the Store Manager dashboard. 

  9. Winners must ensure their bank details are completed in their Referral Dashboard in order to receive payment into their bank account.

  10. To add your Bank Account details click HERE.