Chari-Co – The Charity Referral Marketplace


Chari-Co stands for Charity Co-operative.

It combines eCommerce, Referral Marketing & Charity into a global online Marketplace

Team stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’, which is exactly what Chari-Co is about. Using the concept of combining eCommerce and charity into a global online referral marketplace, provides a way to accomplish what it means to be a team! 

Because Chari-Co is a Referral Marketplace, you become an affiliate vendor and not a distributor. This means that you can sell your own items and earn from duplicating referral sales.

Chari-Co is a self sustaining referral system that only requires a once out of pocket small vendor subscription fee. The income earned from the referral system can be used to instantly purchase items on the marketplace, thereby generating more income for everyone.

Chari-Co also has a Unique Smart Gift Card referral system. 

With Chari-Co everybody wins!

– Michael A Tibble (Founder)

Chari-Co is a beautiful platform that is here to stay because it encompasses all the benefits and systems to help everyone no matter their background. It is user friendly and affordable for all. What I also found astonishing is the fact that it is built around charity, so as to support others in need through every product sale and purchase, with multiple payment gateways.  

– Frank Te Whare (Founding Team Member)

Chari-Co has given me the opportunity to market and sell my products online in my own store for a small fee, and through the referral system I can invite friends and family. Love the concept of creating our own community where we are able to support each other by purchasing within the Chari-Co community whenever possible.

– Tautoro Joanne Barlow (Founding Team Member)

It’s not only a marketplace similar to Facebook, Gumtree etc to sell your programs/ products/ services for free in your own online store . . it’s charitable group feature it supports was the dealmaker for me and maybe for you as well if your heart is in the right space and place. Check it out and see if its a fit for you.

– Johaan Kaa (Founding Team Member)