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chari-co smart gift card

The Only One You Need!

Universal gift card

Redeem your Smart Gift Card on or withdraw the balance to your bank to shop anywhere world wide

Multiple payment methods

Purchase the Smart Gift Card with your Chari-Co Wallet Balance, PayPal, Qoin Currency, Bitcoin or Etherium

Receive multiple gift cards

Receive $5, $50, then $500 repeatedly from a Chari-Co Marketing Vendor

Refer & Earn

Join our Gifting System by gifting the Smart Gift Card to others for a Once Out of Pocket Payment of $50AUD

redeem your gift card

Each Chari-Co Smart Gift Card requires the following in order to be eligible to receive your gift.


gift one


gift Two


gift three

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How to Buy the smart gift card

Buy your SGC from your Referral Dashboard

Vendors Only!

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Frequently asked questions

Created for the Chari-Co Marketing MLM Gifting System, it enables you to gift to your downline as well as your upline, making it the only Gift Card of its kind in the world.

For Australian members, instantly use it to buy Gift Cards at our Merchant Gift Cards page. Major merchants such as Woolworths, Coles, Target, Rebel etc…

It is withdrawable to your bank account so you can use it’s credit to shop at any store world-wide.

Only Chari-Co Members may buy the card. 

The Smart Gift Card is purchased through your Vendor Referral Dashboard.

Click the link to watch the video tutorial on how to buy.

Only Chari-Co Vendors can buy the Smart Gift Card and participate in our Referral Gifting System.

Simply buy the Smart Gift Card for a One Off Payment of $50 AUD and gift it to 5 friends or family members.  When they redeem their card, they will be placed in your network. Invite them to do the same as so on. The more gift cards sold within your network, the more income and cash gifts you will receive.

When you redeem your Smart Gift Card, it creates store credit which you can deposit into your Chari-Co e-Wallet. You can then withdrawal this credit to your bank account and use it to shop at any store throughout the world.

No. All Chari-Co Smart Gift Cards as well as Merchant Gift Cards promoted on are non refundable.

Purchase the Smart Gift Card with your Chari-Co Wallet Balance, PayPal, Qoin Currency, BTC, ETH or TRX