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About Us

Chari-Co stands for Charity Co-operative. It is an automated Referral Charity Marketplace designed to build income for You and Others in need.

Michael Tibble - Founder

Welcome to Chari-Co!

Hi, I’m Michael Tibble and I’d like to introduce to you a platform that can bring more customers to your business, as well as help you build a passive income in addition to your own, regardless if your doors are opened or closed, or even if you don’t have a business or a website.

Chari-Co combines eCommerce, Multi-level Affiliate Marketing, and Charity, into a global online Marketplace.

Chari-Co also donates to Charity from every sale & purchase to help those in need! The name Chari-Co stands for Charity Co-operative.

The difference between Chari-Co and other marketplaces or MLM/Affiliate platforms is that you can earn from your referrals on multiple levels who can sell anything they want, such as their lawn mower, their fridge or microwave etc, or if they buy from our Chari-Co Store which has thousands of products available for purchase. Because it is a marketplace, you can also refer and earn from businesses, clubs, charities and services, as well as everyday consumers who do not join the Chari-Co business.

As you refer others who do the same, you start building a network. Chari-Co can also help you refer others automatically into your network as they join from all over the world by responding to an ad placed by Chari-Co. This is how the Co-operative system works.

For a low monthly cost, you can place your business on Chari-Co, have your own website, build a passive income, and join a worldwide growing community that works toward helping each other improve their lives, and the lives of those in need!

Chari-Co Team

‘Together Everyone Achieves More’

Prakash Kumar

Software Engineer

Technical Lead and Senior Engineer  

Meet Prakash and his lovely wife Anamika.

Prakash has been with us since Chari-Co started in late 2016.

Samuel Euresti III

Business Advisor

Marketing and Operations Strategist  

Meet Samuel and his lovely wife Gloria.

Samuel has just joined us and we’re very happy to have him on board.

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