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Chari-Co stands for Charity Co-operative. It is an automated MLM Charity Marketplace designed to build income for You and Others in need.


I’m Michael Tibble.

I’m from New Zealand but currently residing in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

I think of Australia as my home away from home. It is also a beautiful country with beautiful people.


Here is a little poem I wrote in 2016, about an Australian man who inspired me while I was on my way to Woolworths in Cremorne, Sydney. His name was Richard and he was 70 years old.

“Once I met a man named Richard, who was 70 years old and didn’t even look it. And, after telling me he knew I was with it, his counsel to me was… be a BOSS, don’t be a fidget!”


Chari-Co started as a charity marketing concept which eventually turned into a charity MLM Marketplace. 

MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

When I was 18, I was first introduced to the concept of network marketing. I joined many companies but I didn’t like the way they operated. All of them I felt had unrealistic compensation plans, and their products were hard to sell, which made me give up on the idea. Fortunately, this was just a learning curve. In due time it made me think, why not start my own because if I did, it meant that I could do it my way.

Our Product is a unique MLM Vendor platform which offers 2 subscriptions, FREE & PRO. With an MLM Marketplace, your referrals can sell whatever they want. This means they are no longer limited to a certain companies product or service and since everyone already knows what an online Marketplace is, it provides a great advantage right from the jump!


Aside from earning commission from what your referrals buy or sell, I also integrated a PRO Vendor subscription service that would reward you for selling them, this would increase as the PRO Vendors you refer, refer other PRO Vendors, giving you more financial security, a sort of backup plan if you will.


With referral income being placed into your digital wallet, it can be used to buy products or services from the marketplace, making them FREE, whilst creating even more profit for everyone.


Since the PRO Vendor subscription offers multiple product types, this platform is UNIVERSAL, which means you have the option to sell normally, hold auctions, sell subscriptions, tickets, bookings and rental products or services. Because of this you can practically sell to anyone. Imagine earning from not only customers, but from online stores, retail outlets, services & more right throughout the world.


Since the PRO Vendor subscription is only $11 for a limited time, it is very affordable, and with it’s multiple product types it is very viable for it’s price.


Adding Charity to the mix is the icing on the cake. Imagine an MLM Marketplace that supports charity from the sale of things people no longer need or want, or from every purchase.

Chari-Co donates from PROFITS, not from your pockets!

Wishing you all the Success with Chari-Co!

Michael A Tibble


When I was young, I starred in the movie Ngati which was a great experience.  

Ngāti was produced by Pacific films NZ with John O’Shea, and it was directed by Barry Barclay 

Screened as part of Critics Week at the Cannes Film Festival, Ngāti also won a best film award at Taormina Film Festival in Italy. French newspaper Le Monde called it “a victory”!


My Original Roots

east coast - new zealand

Waipiro Bay

“No matter where life takes you, don't forget where you came from.”

Jannette Sancen

Waipiro Bay

Waipiro Bay is a little place I grew up in before moving to Gisborne as seen below. Parts of this bay was used in the movie. Growing up as a young kid in a place that offered so much, camping was stress free  with only mosquitos being the only hazard aside from potential bad terrain and weather occurring once in a while. Seafood was right there with much fruit & vegetables, meat, poultry… all fresh from the land.

My Tribal Marae

This is my tribal marae or house. It’s name is Iri Te Kura, named after a great ancestor of my tribe of Ngati Porou. This marae is dipicted in the movie as well.

“Ko Hikurangi Te Maunga.”

Hikurangi is my mountain. The first mountain to see the sun.


This is the city I later moved to which is approximately 1.5hrs away from Waipiro Bay. A population of over 35,000. Known as the first city to see the sun. Quite diverse as you can enjoy hunting, fishing, diving, surfing, sports, shopping, and more…